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A digital art frame is an excellent addition to any home, and it’s especially helpful when staging a home for sale. When you are selling a home, it’s important to remove personal items, which includes artwork and family photographs. For some buyers, these items can be a distraction from seeing the structure of the house. However, a blank wall can be just as distracting because it makes the room feel empty. This is where a large digital picture frame is the perfect solution.

Artwork can be tricky when staging a home for sale. The seller must determine whether the wall decor will attract or repel a potential buyer. A digital art frame allows the seller to display any type of art from contemporary to classical. When selling a home, the wall art should complement the style of the home’s architecture and the neighborhood where the home is located.

Wall art is the best way to bring style and personality to each room in the  home. A potential buyer will see the personality of the home through the artwork, so it’s an important decision to select the right piece of art. Here are some suggestions on what type of art to display on your WiFi digital frame when staging and showing a home.

Abstract Art
Abstract art is open to interpretation because it has non-descript colors, lines and shapes, and it does not distract a buyer during the showing. Abstract art is not offensive which makes it a perfect choice for showings. There are many choices of abstract art in the library of a WiFi digital frame.  

Landscape Art
Landscape art shows natural scenery like forests, rivers, mountains, oceans and flowers which creates a sense of peace and serenity when it is viewed. This type of art can be hung in any room from the living room to the bedroom. Landscape art can either be realistic or abstract, which makes it a versatile choice to display in your digital art frame.  

digital art frameLocation Art
Location art is art that showcases your local environment, whether it’s the mountains or the beach or the city. This type of art reminds buyers of the location in which they are going to live. Photographs of the area show the beauty of the neighborhood and the possibilities of living in that neighborhood.    

Room Art
Room art is based on the function and purpose of the room. The kitchen is all about food and fellowship, the bedroom is about peace and relaxation, and the family room is about activity. When choosing art for a room, think about what happens in that room. For the kitchen, select a piece of art that shows food, family and conversation. For the bedroom, a black and white photograph of something serene, or abstract art that encourages sleep are good choices. For the family room, active art such as a looping video on a WiFi digital frame can help the buyer see the potential of that room.

Map art and Travel Art
Map art can be an actual map, a drawing or painting, or a photograph of a specific place in the world. Travel art is similar because it shows a recognizable destination, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Map art and travel art reflects a bigger world to explore, which can be intriguing to a buyer’s sense of adventure in purchasing the home. Depending on the home’s design and style, the seller can show a variety of map or travel images on a digital art frame. These images can be traditional or modern interpretations of the location.       

Word Art
Word art is an inspirational word or quote that is displayed in a high traffic part of the home. Word art gives a subtle and subliminal message that reminds you how to think, feel or behave. For example, the word “dream” on any wall in the home reminds you to dream big about your life. The word “love” in the kitchen or bedroom is a reminder to love and cherish your family. Word art is popular right now, especially if you add it to a wall with collage art.  

Lifestyle Art
Lifestyle art shows what type of life is being led inside the home. It may or may not be accurate, but it shows what type of lifestyle can happen in that home. For example, if you live in the mountains near a ski resort, a photograph or painting of skiers is a good representation of the skier lifestyle. If you live near the beach, an image of waves, seashells or surfers is a reminder of the lifestyle that the buyer can have if they purchase the house. With a large digital picture frame, you can choose from thousands of pieces of lifestyle art to reflect the lifestyle of your specific location.  

digital art frame

As a seller, you want your buyer to fall in love with your home, and the art you choose can assist in the falling-in-love process. Remember to hang your digital art frame at eye level, which is approximately 60-65 inches from the floor. With a large digital picture frame, you want to hang it so that the center of the piece is at eye level. Measure from the center not from the bottom of the digital art frame.   

When staging your home for sale, it’s important to choose art that brings out the best in the room, the house, and the neighborhood. With a digital picture frame, you can choose from many different types of art because a WiFi digital frame offers a library of art from classic to contemporary. Digital art frames will highlight the positive aspects of your home while at the same time downplay those elements that are less attractive in the room.

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