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Many great organizations have digital content for marketing purposes and historical archives that are sitting in the cloud out of sight and in storage.  Can art collect dust in the cloud?  At Nimbus, LTD, we love to partner with these organizations to make that content available to their supporters by letting them create a collection in our Artist Studio for display on our hd digital picture frame.  Wouldn’t those pictures look wonderful as wall art on your frames?

Originally, the Artist Studio was created to allow artists to upload their works and create collections to offer to our NimbusFrame (digital art frames) Family who could add these collections to their playlists for a fee.  This is one way we envision supporting the Art community by giving artist a new revenue stream for their works.  The artist retains ownership and allows subscribers to “rent” the digital images during the subscription period, usually monthly or yearly.  Nimbus, LTD  pays the artist for each subscription sold on a quarterly or yearly basis.  This has been a slow process as we seek to educate artists and our customers on the premium art subscription available and grow the Artist Studio.

We love supporting great causes, missions, as well as, artists at  One of our outreaches to the art community is our Loaner Frame for Artists program.  In this program we select artists to provide with an Orion size frame to play with their works so they can see how their digitized works display on our Nimbus Frame.  We have several frames in the field and the response has been very good.  Some have shared how their works “pop” on the frame and how they look back-lit and vibrant!

Locally, we seek ways we can serve in our community and encourage the artist here at home.  We love the non-digital wall art platforms as well.  We belong to our local Evergreen Chamber of Commerce and have joined the Center for the Arts Evergreen where NimbusFrame sponsored an award in a recent national art show.  Having a national art show hosted here in Evergreen, CO, the home of our creation, manufacturing and sales of the Polaris and Orion NimbusFrames was a real treat to participate.  What fun it was to view all the entries and see the painting selected for our award!  We hope to continue to support organizations that love art as much as we do.

Our most recent collaboration is with The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO.  The Sanctuary’s two primary missions involve rescuing and caring for animals – and educating people about the Captive Wildlife Crisis.  Visiting the Sanctuary is a treat as you stroll along the elevated walkway and see the animals from afar.  Many visitors to the Wild Animal Sanctuary come to experience an incredibly serene setting where Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Prides of African Lions get to roam freely after having been rescued and rehabilitated.  Every Lion, Tiger, Bear, Wolf and other large carnivore living at the Sanctuary was rescued from an illegal or abusive situation and desperately needs your help to survive.  Over the years the Sanctuary has collected spectacular, up-close photographs of their animals and shared stories of each rescue.  Nimbus, LTD has teamed up with The Wild Animal Sanctuary to bring these stunning images of art, motion, and photography from the Wild Animal Sanctuary collection to your wall.  With the Nimbus Service you can choose from more than a million pieces of art and photography, upload your own family photos and travel experiences and now, you can support The Wild Animal Sanctuary! Support the Wild Animal Sanctuary with NimbusFrame by clicking here:  

So, whether an artist, or a great cause, if you have digital content, a Nimbus Collection could be a great ongoing fundraiser for you!  Do you know a great organization that you would love their images on your wall?  Tell them about digital art displays and point them our way!

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