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Subscription Plans

Each Nimbus digital art frame requires a service plan.   The service plan gives the frame access to the Nimbus Portal,  Nimbus Art Collection, and storage space for personal uploaded images.

FREE Service plan option:  This plan allows a limit of 2 frames on an account, 50 personal uploads, no motion art, 5 pieces of art from the Nimbus collection* on a free playlist.  New accounts are automatically enrolled with this service unless they upgrade.

Unlimited Service plans includes unlimited uploads, unlimited playlists, and full access to the Nimbus Art Collection* including over 5000 extra high-quality pieces from museum collections.  The service fee for the first frame on an account is payable monthly ($8.00), or yearly ($87.00).   Additional frames get service at 1/2 service price each.  For the convenience of no monthly payments, we offer a lifetime service option for a one-time fee of $435 first frame plus $217 for additional frames. *Premium Art not included. *The Mosaic feature requires unlimited service.  Free accounts must upgrade to utilize the mosaic feature across multiple frames.

*Optional* Premium Art pieces and Collections are special artwork directly from artists or galleries.  The collections are curated by the owning artist/gallery and change over time.  Premium Art pieces and Collections are purchasable through your account as a Subscription or a Lifetime Purchase.  Pricing is set by the artist.  Opting to purchase Premium Art allows you to support the individual artist, Nimbus takes only a small handling percentage.

First Frame on Account Unlimited Service Plan

(Includes >900,000 pieces of Art and >7,000 Motion Art/videos)*

Recurring Monthly


Recurring Annually




Additional Frames on  Unlimited Account

(Each additional frame on one account charged 1/2 fee)

Recurring Monthly


Recurring Annually




*Add an Option to Support an Artist

Premium Art Collection Subscriptions

(For unlimited frames

under one account )


Avg $1 to $10

(Price set by
Artist or Gallery)


Price set by
Artist or Gallery


Price set by
Artist or Gallery

No Risk, No Questions Asked
Return Policy

If you are not happy, we are not happy. That’s why we offer a 30-day no questions asked return policy. Just let us know and we will refund full purchase price upon receiving the product back in good condition.


Frame Size: 29″ X 17 1/4″ X 2″
Screen Size: 27.75″ X 15.75″
Product Image not to scale

(5 customer reviews)




digital art frame

Frame Size: 42″ diagonal 38 3/8″ X 22 1/4″ X 2″
Screen Size: 37″ X 21″
Product Image not to scale

(6 customer reviews)