Famous Art Facts – Neva Light Fog by Felix Vallotton

Felix Vallotton was a Swiss artist born in 1865. He moved to Paris in 1882 and spent many hours in the Louvre admiring all the great artists and their artwork. He is known for art nouveau and post impressionist styles of painting, and he is also known for his woodcut subjects of domestic scenes, including bathing women, street crowds and demonstrations.

In 1914 he tried to volunteer for the French army to fight in World War I, but he was rejected because of his age. In his last years, Felix Vallotton painted still life and landscapes. Before he died in 1925, he completed over 1700 paintings and 200 prints, as well as hundreds of drawings and a few sculptures. 

Neva Light Fog was painted in 1913, and the original title was La Neva, which means the snow white.

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