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Interior designers look for wall decor for their clients when re-designing a room or house. However, very few artists specifically create wall art for interior designers. This is surprising given that interior designers directly connect people with artists. Wall decor matters when it comes to interior design. Here are some of the factors that interior designers take into consideration when selecting wall art for their clients.

Art adds color
One of the most difficult choices when decorating any room is the color palette. Many interior designers decide on the framed art before they choose the wall color. The canvas art becomes the inspiration for the wall color. The interior designer will pick two or three colors from the canvas wall art and incorporate those colors into the room’s decor.

wall artArt provides a focal point
Most interior designers say that every room needs a focal point. The focal point is a single design element that draws the eye to it and providers the viewer with an expectation about the room. A piece of wall art provides the perfect focal point.

A favorite piece of canvas wall art can be hung above the fireplace mantle, in a favorite seating area, next to a dining table, or displayed in the master suite. The placement of wall decor makes it the focal point of the room. A digital art frame is spectacular at accomplishing this goal because the art selection changes at regular intervals which causes the eye to be drawn to it.

Art adds texture
Every piece of wall decor is unique and adds its own texture to the room. A rough texture lends itself to a more relaxed environment, and a smooth texture makes the room feel sleek. To create different textures, an interior designer will choose different mediums to give the room a unique flavor. The latest trend is to hang a digital art frame that displays a variety of art genres, which adds special texture and color to the room.

Art size matters
When a piece of canvas art becomes the focal point of the space, the next most important consideration is the size. For example, if a framed art piece is too small, it will lose its function as the focal point, or it will be diminished by the furniture and other art in the room. An interior designer will take measurements of the wall space to select the right size wall art for that wall space.

Art budget
Interior designers operate within a budget that is set by the client. The interior designer will look for wall decor and artists that match the client’s budget. Many interior designers choose digital art frames because a digital frame is economical and provides a variety of art that is displayed on a rotating basis. A digital art frame is the perfect solution for a small budget client who appreciates a wide variety of art genres.
wall decor

Art finishes a room
The finishing element to any room is wall decor. An interior designer will select the right piece of wall art to make the room complete, taking it from functional to fancy, and ensuring that the canvas art fits into the decorating style of the room. When choosing framed art, remember that wall decor makes a highly personal statement about the client and how the client sees his or her place in the world.

When interior designers choose the right wall decor for the room, it provides the perfect framework to plan all the furnishings in that room. Many interior designers create an entire room around one piece of wall art, which gives that room a professional design edge that will be noticed.

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