Watch Nimbus in action!  The art in the frames above show Nimbus’ ability to display your “art playlist”.
Scroll through the slides to see the art change in different types of frames and arrangements.

Nimbus – Technology marries Art

Nimbus is a large, stunning art and photo display. Showcase dramatic moving art, professionally created motion art, personal photos and fine art from the Nimbus Collection.

Nimbus comes complete with a modern black frame which looks great in nearly all homes.  Use it as is or install behind a custom frame that matches your décor.

Nimbus Art Collections

Thousands of pieces of fine art and many, many pieces of beautiful photography.

From classic masters to modern digital art and up and coming artists await you.

Tip: Create playlists combining select photos with your favorite art to match any mood!

View Collections

Personal Art or Photos

Show off your own photos or art!

Rock your best selfie on the big screen! Create playlists and change them any time you want.

Share photos with family and friends using Nimbus Share!

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For Artists

Set up a Virtual Studio and upload your digitized works or photography. Setup collections of your newest or best.

Offer collections to subscribers and individual pieces to collectors.

Nimbus gives you control of how your work is presented on the frames.